Testimonial – Portfolio Manager

I have been an equity portfolio manager and trader for 25 years.  My strategy is highly information, speed and order price-sensitive.  My returns far outpace my competitors in my strategy with much less volatility.

In 25 years I churned through a large number of data, SEC filing and news vendors until I discovered NewsWatch about seven years ago, and I wish I had known of them sooner.

NewsWatch is comprehensive, fast, and extraordinarily reliable and easy to use and modify.  It allows for searching by news vendor, source, ticker and even random keywords and allows users to construct highly complex news searches using logical expressions to fine tune search results.  It provides results virtually instantaneously with fast internet access.

Most important to me are its “alert” features which “push” pre-programmed headlines and stories to my desktop with audible sounds I can program to focus my attention quickly.

I may not have a Bloomberg with its proprietary reporting or use an automated trading algorithm to “read headlines” and enter computer-generated orders, but I feel NewsWatch allows me to compete in my strategy with those who do.  Its speed, accuracy and reliability for the “basic” wire and similar services gives me the time to do more intensive research when I need to do it elsewhere.

Best news product out there.

– Portfolio Manager