NewsWare API

NewsWare provides a sophisticated NewsAPI tailored and designed to meet the high standards of the financial markets where milliseconds count. NewsWare’s NewsAPI allows clients to receive a consolidated news feed from hundreds of sources all in one format under one single agreement. Our NewsAPI comes in multiple languages including C++, JAVA, Visual Basic and XML. Each story is delivered in three parts – headline, body and tags. The tags can be stock tickers, vendor-supplied subject and category codes and NewsWare-assigned subject and category codes that cover multiple sources. Our NewsAPI is designed to work in many environments but is specifically designed for algorithmic trading, front-end browser and desktop applications and websites.

Algorithmic Trading

For algorithmic trading our NewsAPI is designed based on your trading strategy. To trade off of breaking news events we have access to premium sources that are well known for providing these stories first. In addition we offer a host of unique newswires that can provide your program with the ability to qualify and compare the incoming figures and content of news stories with historical data. The NewsWare NewsAPI will truly provide your application with an edge to profit.

Front End browser or desktop applications 
NewsWare NewsAPI provides a consolidated news feed that delivers the news sources you require. We can create custom news packages to bundle with your application or to be premium a-la-carte news products. Sources can be packaged as products or individually customized for single, multiple or enterprise-based users. We have access to all of the well-known news wires plus we can work with your organization to create an internal news wire specifically for your users.

We can customize a news package for your website needs. With hundreds of sources we have the right solution for your website. We can further filter these sources to only cover the topics or subjects that subscribers/user/readers of your website are looking for.

Clients connect to the NewsWare servers via dedicated lines but most clients connect via the internet utilizing the TCP/IP protocol. NewsWare NewsAPI provides complete access to all functions of the NewsWare news retrieval environment. Most users will not use all the extensive facilities available but the robustness of the NewsAPI allows flexibility to each customer to use it as best meets their requirements.

Here are some of NewsWare’s News API features

  • Source aggregation and format normalization
  • Content-based filtering
  • Source-based, metadata-based and Boolean filter-based routing
  • Metadata creation and automated categorization (AI/statistical)
  • In-line tagging of proper names, ticker symbols, places, dates and currency amounts
  • Centralized administration
  • Delivery of results via NewsAPI calls, through NewsWatch

And some of NewsWatch NewsAPI benefits

  • Implement automated searching and filtering
  • Creating alerts on industry, company, event profiles and/or specific market conditions
  • Major market-moving alerts
  • Duplicate story filters across multiple sources
  • Complete entitlement control on all queries across multiple sources
  • API news delivery with near-zero latency.

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